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customer friendly. good experience. quick job and best price i found from being out of town. would definetly refer a friend

Mobile Fixerz provides fast & effective repair services when you need them.

Let’s face it—for most people, mobile communication technology might as well be magic. You turn on your device, and voilà, the world is at your fingertips. But when your device doesn’t work as expected, you’re lost. Don’t waste your time with online repair tutorials or phone calls to your device retailer or manufacturer. Instead, call the mobile repair wizards at Mobile Fixerz. Our highly trained and certified repair technicians can come to your aid right away. A few quick repairs and we’ll have your device working like magic again.

Who Do We Help?

If you have a cell phone or tablet that doesn’t work like it should, Mobile Fixerz can help. We are happy to service individuals, schools, corporations, and even wholesalers to provide bulk service packages covering their entire inventory of mobile devices. Why hire a full time mobile specialist for your in-house IT team when you can have Mobile Fixerz on call?

Why Choose Mobile Fixerz Over the Manufacturer?

When your mobile device suffers water damage, gets a crack in the screen, stops holding a charge, or suffers any other problem, your first instinct may be to contact the retailer or manufacturer for help. However, this is seldom your best move. Here are several key reasons why it’s actually better to call Mobile Fixerz:

  • Our service is faster
  • Our prices are competitive
  • You don’t have to waste time standing in lines
  • We don’t make you buy protection packages
  • You never have to send your device away for repair
  • We can fix most issues in one visit, on the same day you call

Don’t get suckered into buying that extra insurance or warranty coverage for your next mobile device! With Mobile Fixerz on call, you can get the same high-quality repairs faster and at a more competitive price.

Ready to See Our Repair Wizards in Action?

Call now to set up your appointment with an expert Mobile Fixerz tech, and see just how quickly we can get your device working like new again.

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