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Water Damage

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Reviewer: Ranjit K. -

Fast and good I went there for fix my iPhone 5s the guy I don’t know he is owned place
He is very friendly
I recommend this place if anybody have any problems in your phone or other electronic device
I’m forget they charge me ” not the much money….

Water damage may not covered by your warranty but we’ve got you covered at Mobile Fixerz.

We’ve all had that “oh-no” moment when our precious mobile device came in contact with a little too much moisture for comfort. Maybe you accidentally dropped it in the sink while taking a selfie, maybe it fell out of your pocket and into the toilet, or maybe a drink got spilled all over it. No matter how the water damage occurred, Mobile Fixerz can help.

Don’t Wait to Get Service

Just because your mobile device turned on and seemed just fine after contact with a liquid doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the clear. Moisture may have penetrated the system via the speakers, headphone port, USB port, charger port, or other vulnerable point. If not attended to promptly, this moisture can lead to corrosion that could ruin your device. By calling Mobile Fixerz, you can ensure your device gets expert attention right away. Our technicians are all highly skilled and experienced in dealing with water damage, and we have a variety of proven repair methods at our disposal. We can take steps to dry out your device as well as repair any components that may already have become compromised.

Repairs Whenever You Need Them

Mobile Fixerz saves you the time and hassle of sending your device away for service. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment. Most types of repairs can be completed the same day you call to minimize the time you have to spend off the grid due to a water damage related problem.

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