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Touchscreen Problem

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Reviewer: Chrishelle R. -

Great Service! I brought in my iPhone 5S phone with a cracked screen and they fixed it in less than one hour. I’m very happy with my phone. Life Savers!!!

Get back in touch with your touchscreen with help from Mobile Fixerz.

Dropping your mobile device can be doubly devastating when you have touchscreen controls. Now, in addition to being unable to see the screen clearly, you may be totally unable to control your device. The screen may scroll uncontrollably, it may react to every touch as if it were a tap, or it may lose sensitivity entirely. Fortunately, Mobile Fixerz can provide expert assistance for all your touchscreen traumas.

How Touchscreens Work

Touchscreen devices have three essential components. First, there is the same LCD display you’d find on any phone or tablet. Then, there is a LCD Digitizer laid over this screen, which converts your touch into digital signals that tell the device what to do. Finally, there is a flex cable or flex ribbon that transfers the signals from the digitizer to the device. Naturally, damage to any of these components, as well as to the software that governs them, can put your touchscreen out of commission.

We Fix Touchscreens Fast

At Mobile Fixerz, we can provide expert diagnosis of touchscreen issues, which allows us to perform targeted repairs addressing the specific components that may be damaged. Simply give us a call for your repair needs. Each of our mobile repair technicians keeps an extensive supply of replacement screens and digitizers on hand, so it is highly likely we will be able to fix your device on the very same day you call us.

Why Call Us for Touchscreen Repair

Having your device out of commission due to a touchscreen problem is enough of an inconvenience. Don’t add to that by wasting your time and money standing in line or sending your device back to the manufacturer. Instead, call Mobile Fixerz for fast, effective, and convenient services. You can rely on us to provide accurate estimates and competitive prices on all repairs.

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