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Power Button Repair (Lock Button Repair)

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Reviewer: Veronica M. -

They were so awesome! I love this place! They had to order my part because i have a droid but it came fast and it only took 1 hour for them to fix! I recommend 100%! They are so friendly :D

Get back in control of your device with power button repair.

If your power button or lock button isn’t working right, this can be a serious problem. You might be unable to turn your device off or, worse still, unable to turn it back on! You may also have problems putting the device to sleep, taking a screenshot, or performing various other tasks that involve this button. While there are certain workarounds that may help you bypass a broken lock button, why would you want to go this route and live with diminished functionality from your iPhone or other device when you can simply call Mobile Fixerz for a lasting repair?

iPhone Lock Button Repairs

The mobile device with the most notorious lock button issues is probably the iPhone. Numerous generations of iPhones have had problems with the lock buttons either losing functionality on one side or the other of the button or becoming entirely unresponsive. While Apple has finally agreed to provide free repairs for iPhone 5 lock buttons, if you have an older model or simply don’t want to wait for a factory repair, you can call Mobile Fixerz for help.

We Provide Expert Repairs While You Wait

There’s no need to wait in long lines at a store or send your mobile device back to the manufacturer in order to get your power or lock button repaired. Instead, simply call Mobile Fixerz. We will schedule an appointment for you right away. Using specialized tools and quality replacement parts, our techs can quickly and permanently repair your buttons to restore control and functionality to your device.

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