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LCD Digitizer Repair

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Customer service is amazing. They helped my mom buy a new phone and personally helped her transfer her contacts and service. She needed a new phone ASAP before her trip abroad the next day. They took care of us really well.

Get convenient LCD digitizer repair to restore your device’s touchscreen functionality.

You just dropped your cell phone or tablet on the ground. You rush to pick it up, filled with dread, but then you see the screen appears undamaged. Don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet even if your screen doesn’t have any blurring, black spots, or cracks following an accident, it is entirely possible that the LCD digitizer has been damaged, in which case you will not be able to control your device using the touchscreen any more.

Expert Diagnosis of LCD Digitizer Problems

An LCD digitizer consists of two pieces of hardware, plus the software required to run them. First you have the actual glass cover that you touch to communicate with the device. Then you also have the digitizer cable or ribbon that translates your touch into commands that the device can understand. When either of these components becomes damaged, or when the software controlling them becomes corrupted, you will have a serious problem on your hands. The good news is that Mobile Fixerz can help by diagnosing your LCD digitizer problem as a hardware or software problem and then providing the necessary repair.

The Most Convenient Repair Service Around

You may not have time to wait in line at a repair shop, and you most definitely don’t want to suffer through the separation anxiety that will occur if you have to mail it back to the manufacturer. Fortunately, you have another, much better option. Just call Mobile Fixerz, and in most cases we’ll get you an appointment to repair your device while you wait.

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