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Reviewer: Brittnee S. -

Great staff super friendly and made sure to get the job done quick. For my business I depend on my phone and was very happy to find a place that was able to replace it and was affordable at the same time!  Thanks again!! Definitely recommend them!! They replaced my iPhone 5c screen.

Not sure what’s wrong with your mobile device? Well, you don’t need to be, That’s our job.

As soon as you notice any kind of problem with the performance or functionality of your cell phone, tablet, or other mobile device, call Mobile Fixerz. We have experienced technicians to provide expert diagnostic services designed to pinpoint the cause of the problem. Then, we can provide a targeted repair for a long-lasting, reliable, and cost-effective solution to your problem. Here are some of the common problems we help diagnose and repair.

Won’t Turn On: If your mobile device won’t turn on, you will obviously have a hard time telling what’s wrong with it! At Mobile Fixerz, we have the tools and techniques needed to troubleshoot devices that won’t turn on to see if a battery problem, power button problem, or other issue might be to blame.

Headphones Don’t Work: If you’ve tried several different sets of headphones and you still get poor sound quality or no sound at all, you probably have a problem with the headphone port. Let our expert techs take a look and recommend a solution to your problem.

Buttons Non Responsive: Your device may have various toggle buttons on the sides or a home button on the front. If pushing these buttons doesn’t have any effect, or has an unexpected effect, call Mobile Fixerz. We can help determine if a hardware or software issue is to blame and provide the needed repair.

Indicator Lights Malfunctioning: Faulty indicator lights can be a real nuisance, because they’ll keep you from getting accurate information about your device’s status. You may miss messages on your phone or misinterpret warnings about remaining battery power on your tablet. Fortunately, Mobile Fixers can help with overactive, inactive, or just plain inaccurate lights.

Black Screen of Death: If you’ve seen the infamous “black screen of death” or “apple of doom” on your device, don’t panic. Instead, call Mobile Fixerz. We’ll be happy to take a look and help you understand what went wrong. In many cases we can restore the device and help recover your data too.

Micro Soldering Repairs: Broken chip or connector on your iPhone logic board?  Don’t worry we can solder almost anything that is broken on a circuit board if we can source the component!  With devices getting smaller and smaller and more and more expensive, sometimes fixing these devices are more beneficial than replacing them.  Call Mobile Fixerz to schedule your appointment today!

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