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Charging Problems

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Reviewer: Tara O. -

If you need cell phone repair, this is the place to go. I came in to have the cracked screen replaced on my Galaxy S4,  and I was a little nervous about it. The repair was quick, the price seemed reasonable, and the staff was extremely friendly. I left with a smile on my face, and will be recommending their service to friends and family, which is the highest compliment I can give.

Before you buy a new battery, get expert diagnostics for charging problems from Mobile Fixerz.

There are few things worse than leaving your mobile device charging all night only to wake up to that same old low power indicator light. Fortunately, when no charging or low charging occurs, Mobile Fixerz can help you figure out what’s wrong and provide a lasting solution to the problem.

Don’t Blame the Battery

Often, when mobile devices fail to charge properly, people assume they need a new battery. However, not all charging problems are battery-related. Before you spend money on a new battery, it would be wise to invest in a visit from Mobile Fixerz. Drawing on their extensive training and years of experience, our technicians can examine your device and identify the precise cause of the charging issue. You can count on us to tell you honestly if the problem is the battery or possibly one of these other issues:

  • Malfunctioning power supply
  • Damaged power cord
  • Problems with charging ports and connectors
  • Device overheating beyond ideal charging temperature range

Same Day Repairs for Charging Problems

Depending on the sort of problem you have and the age of your device, your repair may or may not be covered under warranty. The good news is that Mobile Fixerz can provide the same fast, reliable, and affordable repairs in either case. We stock a complete range of batteries, power supplies, cords, and other parts necessary to fix charging problems in virtually any make or model of device. Please don’t hesitate to call us the moment you experience a charging problem. We’ll be happy to get you an appointment as soon as possible so you can go back to enjoying reliable performance from your mobile device on the go.

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