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Great service and staff were excellent very friendly, informative and extremely helpful. Thank you guys we love our new phones (:

On-demand repair services for every issue imaginable.

At Mobile Fixerz, we make it easy and convenient to get your mobile device in top working condition. With expert diagnostic services, a full inventory of quality parts for all kinds of devices, and certified repair services the same day you call, Mobile Fixerz can get your device working like new in a flash. Our core repair services include:

Water Damage
: Made a splash with your mobile device literally? Mobile Fixerz can help repair any degree of water damage, from minor problems caused by a spilled drink to complete system shutdown caused by a dunking in a sink or toilet.

Broken Screen: Sweep away that spiderweb pattern of cracks on your phone or tablet screen with help from Mobile Fixerz. We keep a large inventory of replacement screens on hand, so no matter what brand or model of device you may have, we can quickly and easily swap out that busted old screen for a brand new one.

Charging Problems: Cut loose from the power cord with repairs targeting charging problems. Our expert technicians can figure out exactly what’s causing the problem, whether it’s a faulty connection, a bad battery, or even a software problem. We’ll provide a lasting repair that will help your device get charged up faster and hold a charge longer.

Battery Replacement: Do you live in perpetual fear of the red low power indicator light? Often, simply getting a new battery will fix this problem. Call Mobile Fixerz for battery replacement and return to the good old days when you could count on your mobile device to hold a charge all day long.

Speaker Replacement: Are weak, crackly, or distorted speakers ruining your enjoyment of your mobile device? Banish “robot voice” on your phone calls and improve sound quality in video and music by getting speaker repair or replacement from the pros at Mobile Fixerz.

Touchscreen Problem: Get back in touch with your touchscreen with help from Mobile Fixerz. We can repair damage caused by sticky fingers, falls, or faulty connections to restore functionality to your touchscreen so you can actually use your mobile device again.

Power Button Repair (Lock Button Repair): Locked in a power struggle with your device’s power button? You may have dust, dirt, or crumbs blocking the connections, or your device may have a manufacturing defect. Either way Mobile Fixerz can repair or replace the button so you can enjoy normal functionality.

LCD Digitizer Repair: Knowing whether it’s the entire LCD screen that’s broken or just the LCD digitizer can save you a significant amount of money. At Mobile Fixerz, our certified technicians not only have the experience required to diagnose LCD digitizer problems but also the tools and skills required to provide lasting repairs.

Volume Button Replacement: Are you missing calls because you can’t turn up the volume on your phone? Are you afraid to watch videos or listen to music because the volume is stuck at the max level? Mobile Fixerz can repair or replace volume buttons to put you back in control of your mobile device’s audio output.

Camera Replacement: Is a faulty camera spoiling your selfies or making it hard to video chat on your mobile device? At Mobile Fixerz, we can figure out if you have a hardware or a software problem and provide fast and effective repairs as needed to restore functionality to your camera.

Everything Else: Any time your mobile device starts behaving badly, Mobile Fixerz can help whip it back into shape. Our certified technicians can diagnose and repair all kinds of problems, including faulty microphones, home buttons, ports, and even software bugs and viruses.


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