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Cloud studio

Cloud studio

While cloud computing has been around for about 2 decades and the data points to business efficiencies, competitive advantages, and cost benefits it holds, a significant part of the business industry continues to function without it. A study from the International Data Group shows that 69 percent of businesses are already utilizing cloud-computing solutions in one capacity or another, while 18 percent plans to implement cloud technology at some point.

Also, Dell reports show that businesses that invest in big data, mobility security, and cloud enjoy up to 53 percent revenue growth than their competitors. So, we’d like to share some of the top benefits of utilizing cloud computing.


Different companies have different IT needs, and using the cloud is the ideal solution because it allows companies to efficiently and quickly scale up or down their IT department, depending on the demand of the business. Cloud-based solutions are perfect for companies growing or fluctuating demands. In the case your company’s demand increases, you can effortlessly increase your cloud solution’s capacity without investing in physical infrastructure. 

Automatic Software Updates and Integration

New software versions can be easily tested and implemented in the cloud environment, which offers a higher velocity of product innovation, releasing more features to the end-users regularly. Cloud solutions also integrate with common tools and logging systems that make it easier to monitor and identify issues in production.

You can also fast-track integration design to accomplish business success quickly. For instance, Cloud Studio allows to quickly integrate with any system. Cloud Studio’s intuitive interface concentration on ease-of-use and efficiency provides you the incredible tools to accelerate your process and drive digital transformation. 

Business Continuity

Protecting your systems and data is an important part of your continuity planning. Whether you experience a power failure or natural disaster, having your information stored in the cloud making sure it is protected and backed up in a safe and secure place. Your ability to access your data quickly allows you to operate your business as usual, reducing any loss of productivity and downtime.

Collaboration Efficiency

When you collaborate in the cloud environment, you can give your business the ability to share and communicate more easily. If your company is working on a project across different locations, cloud computing makes it easy to give your team, contractors, and 3rd party access to the same files. You could also implement the right cloud computing that makes it easy to share records with your advisors.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

One of the most important benefits of cloud computing for many companies is the cost they can save. First off, the initial investment in cloud computing is considerably less than that of an in-house counterpart. By using cloud computing, you can minimize the need to purchase most of the components you need to implement these solutions. Meaning you can eliminate equipment obsolescence and expenses immediately.

We’re Here to Help 

At GPL Technologies, our experts can help you find the right cloud computing solution for your integration needs. Whether you are looking to merge your system, modernize integration or simply implement the right cloud technologies for your business, GPL Technologies has you covered.

Cloud studio
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Cloud studio