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Christmas Lighting For Homes Tulsa

Christmas Lighting For Homes Tulsa

Outdoor Christmas lighting for homes in Tulsa makes your neighborhood more festive and displays your household’s love for the Christmas season. At GreenPro Lighting Services, we recognize the fact that not every homeowner is able to safely hang lights and displays during the holidays. We make it easy and affordable to create the perfect outdoor light and decoration display with our professional Christmas light installation in Tulsa. Find out how we can help you achieve your goals this year by contacting us at 918-779-8982.

4 Safety Tips For Home Christmas Lighting

1. Did you know that indoor and outdoor Christmas lights are not interchangeable? Indoor lights are considerably easier on the budget, but they’re not safe to use outdoors because they’re not sealed to protect against moisture. Rain and early morning dew can render your Christmas light display a safety hazard if you choose the wrong lights for the outside of your home.

Your best bet is to hire GreenPro Lighting Services for safe Christmas lights installation in Tulsa; one call to our experts and we’ll handle every last detail of your display.

2. Christmas nostalgia can make it difficult to throw away lights that have been passed down through the generations; however, out-dated lights can pose a fire hazard. Contemporary Christmas lights are made with fused plugs that prevent sparks that can cause a fire, so they’re a much safer choice.

Our Tulsa Christmas lights and decoration installers can keep you safe this Christmas by installing new lights that will brighten up your home or business and give you peace of mind, as well.

3. Never use an extension cord for outdoor lighting when your light cords won’t reach intended outlets- the risk is too great that moisture will seep in between the cords or your cords will end up on the ground during rain or periods of melted snow.

Outsource Tulsa Christmas decoration services to our professionals at GreenPro Lighting Services and avoid a tangled mess of light cords. You won’t regret choosing us as your expert light installation team this year and every year hereafter.

4. Avoid a fall from a ladder this year by hiring one of your area’s local festive light decoration companies. Every year in the US, thousands of home and business owners fall from ladders while hanging their holiday lights and decorations; don’t be numbered among the casualties.

Avoid Safety Hazards This Christmas

Falls from high places and sparking lights are just two of the numerous dangers of DIY lighting at Christmas time; additional safety issues stem from:

  • Broken bulbs
  • Rotted ladders
  • Unattended lights
  • Overloaded outlets
  • Crimped cords in windows and doors
  • Unsafe lighted vehicles

GreenPro Lighting Services is available year-round to help you plan your Christmas lights and decorations. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the holiday season arrives before you call a light installer- get in touch with us now to ensure your lights are up and shining bright by Christmas time. Request a free quote for Christmas lighting for homes in Tulsa by calling our office.

Christmas Lighting For Homes Tulsa
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Christmas Lighting For Homes Tulsa
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Christmas Lighting For Homes Tulsa