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cellphone speaker replacement Pomona

cellphone speaker replacement Pomona

Smartphones have two speakers: an internal and external speaker. The internal speaker operates during phone calls, while the external one works when listening to media on your phone. When either of these speakers gets damaged, the audio quality may be poor, or your phone may not produce any sound at all.

At Mobile Fixerz, we offer fast and affordable cellphone speaker replacement in Pomona. We have state-of-the-art tools needed for the repairs and replacement and certified technicians who are familiar with all kinds of mobile device speakers.

Maintaining Your Phone Speakers

You can keep your phone speakers in good working condition by maintaining them in the following ways:

  • Avoid placing your phone near magnetic materials. Phone speakers have small magnets. Keeping them close to other magnetic sources can block their sound.
  • Clean them regularly. That gets rid of dust, dirt, and lint, which eventually collect on the grill and blocks sound. You can clean your speakers using cotton swabs or a medium bristle toothbrush.
  • Avoid contact with water as it damages the amplifiers. In case you drop your phone in water, keep it turned off. Using it when it’s wet may cause the internal parts to burn, damaging the speakers in the process.

Why Do Cellphone Speakers Stop Working?

Your phone speakers may not be working as a result of:

  • Exposure to Excess Heat or Moisture

Excess moisture or heat exposure can cause internal parts such as the amplifiers to corrode. Once they have corroded, they need to be replaced.

  • Accumulation of Dirt and Dust

An accumulation of dust or dirt could be the cause of low, muffled sounds.

  • Software Issues

Some apps on your phone may turn off your speakers.

  • Sound Settings

 Your sound settings could either be turned off or set to low volume.

At Mobile Fixerz, we fix both minor and major speaker problems. This includes speakers that produce distorted audio, or those that are not working at all. We will also check your phone before attempting any repairs. That will allow us to establish whether it’s a software or hardware issue that we’re dealing with.

How Can You Repair Your Smartphone Speakers?

If your speakers have stopped working or they’re producing low-quality sound, you can try the following to fix them:

  • If the sound is too low, switch on the loudspeaker icon.
  • Go to phone settings and turn on the volume levels if they aren’t. Smartphones come with different controls for ringtone, notifications, media, and systems.
  • Switch off any Bluetooth connections to other devices.
  • Clean your speaker to get rid of muffled sounds.

When a phone speaker has mechanical damage, it requires the attention of a trained technician. That is especially the case when you need to install a new speaker. At Mobile Fixerz, we have an extensive collection of speakers. Therefore, we can do replacements on numerous phone models without any shipping delays.

Replacement Pros at Your Service

At Mobile Fixerz, we are efficient in repairing damaged phones for our customers. We'll do it in the shortest time possible without compromising on the quality of our work. Call us today on 1-844-686-5494 if you’re looking for a cellphone speaker replacement in Pomona.

cellphone speaker replacement Pomona
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cellphone speaker replacement Pomona
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cellphone speaker replacement Pomona