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Get Fast iPhone Screen Repair from Mobile Fixerz

Don’t live with that scratched, broken, buggy screen. Fix it fast with our help.

iPhone Screen RepairThe September shipment of the new iPhone 6 sold out in record time, but if you missed your chance to upgrade don’t fret. There are other ways to deal with that cranky older generation phone you’re now stuck with. For example, you can get fast and effective repair for all kinds of iPhone screen issues from Mobile Fixerz.

Frozen Screen

If your iPhone’s screen is unresponsive or frozen, you may be able to fix it yourself. First, try simply turning the phone on and off. If this doesn’t work, you can try resetting the phone by pressing the home key and the lock key for 5 seconds. Still no luck? There’s one more thing you can try: restoring the OS by connecting your iPhone to iTunes. Bear in mind that if you haven’t backed up your phone recently you’ll lose any new data on it by taking this step. If your screen still doesn’t work (or you don’t want to risk an unnecessary restore) Mobile Fixerz can help. We will figure out whether you have a hardware or software problem and provide the necessary repair.

Broken Screen

Even with a protective case, your iPhone still probably takes a lot of abuse. It isn’t uncommon to run into issues with scratched, cracked or shattered screens. When this happens, our skilled technicians can replace your screen in no time. Our repairs are fast and affordable and we only use high-quality screens that are guaranteed to work properly. We offer you the same great price no matter how many times you may drop your phone unlike AppleCare which only covers two disasters.

Malfunctioning Touchscreen

Touch control functionality has added a new layer of complexity to screen repair. At Mobile Fixerz, we can replace the LCD digitizer component that translates your touch into commands as well as the glass screen itself. Of course, in the newer generation of iPhones these two parts are actually fused together and must be replaced together too. You can trust us to check whether your touchscreen issue is a software glitch or a screen problem before we replace the screen, so you never end up paying for an unnecessary repair.

Our Repairs Leave No Side Effects

Often, DIY iPhone screen repairs lead to problems like blue or black bars on the screen, white screen, or stress marks on the screen. These issues can be caused by improperly connected cables, software acceptance issues, or tiny shards of broken glass from the old screen. When you trust Mobile Fixerz with your iPhone screen repair, you can rest assured we won’t introduce new problems to your phone or abandon you midway through a repair job. We thoroughly test all repairs to make sure that your phone really is fixed before sending you on your way.

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