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7 Steps You Can Take Now to Fix a Water Damaged Phone

With a little prep work and a fast call to Mobile Fixerz you have an excellent chance of restoring a water damaged phone.

Water Damaged PhoneTaking your cell phone with you everywhere can have its risks. We can’t tell you how many times someone has called us after dropping their phone in the bathtub, in the toilet, in a puddle, or even in the surf at the beach. Spilling coffee, soda, or soup on the phone is also common. Fortunately, such disasters don’t have to spell final doom for your phone. Follow these 7 steps to give your phone the best possible chance of surviving water damage.

1. Rescue It. The longer your phone stays submerged, the worse the damage is likely to be. So for goodness sake grab it fast and get it out of that wet environment.

2. Turn It Off. Leaving your phone on after water contact increases the chances of a short circuit. Turn your phone off the quickest way possible. This will probably be by removing the battery for an Android phone. Since iPhone batteries are hard to access, you should do a hard shutdown by holding the lock button and home button down together for 5 seconds.

3. Take It Apart. Open all the ports and cavities on your phone to help water get out faster. Unplug any headphones, open any rubber plugs on power ports, and remove your SIM card and memory card. If you have a screwdriver handy, you could also remove the battery from your iPhone now. If you can open the case, do it now.

4. Drain It. Tilt, shake, or blow on your phone to help get as much liquid out of it as possible.

5. Dry It. There are lots of folk remedies online for drying out a cell phone that has suffered water damage. We advise you not to try things like rice, oatmeal, couscous, etc. that some people say can wick moisture from a phone. In the dry air here in southern California, you’re better off just opening up the phone and letting it air dry.

6. Don’t Turn It On. It is very tempting to try to turn your phone back on after you’ve cleared the water to see whether or not it has been damaged. You need to resist this urge! There may still be moisture inside and you could risk a short circuit.

7. Call Mobile Fixerz. After you’ve done all the above steps, call Mobile Fixerz. We have a variety of proven drying methods at our disposal and we can help suck that last bit of moisture out of your phone. We can also inspect the phone carefully for any corroded or damaged parts and replace them for you. If your phone is too damaged to repair, we can help you transfer data from your SIM card and memory card to a new phone.

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